History / Social Science

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Teachers 2021 – 2022

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Department Chair: 

Carmen Hernandez
Health & World Geography

Bill Anderson
US History, US History IB HL 1 (Honors), & History of Americas HL 2 (IB)

Jessica Bedoya
US History and Bilingual US History

Amy Fredrickson
World History

Steve Garrison
US Government & World Geography

Chris Herring
World History FundamentalsWorld Geography Fundamentals

Kayla Mains
Social Issues in FilmPsychology (AP)

Ariel McDaniel
US History Fundamentals, US Government/Economics Fundamentals, & Economics

Victor Moran
World History, Bilingual World History, & World History (AP)

Casey Pakingan
US Government (AP) & World History

William Sallans
Economics, US HistoryUS History (AP)

Ivan Sillas Navarro
World Geography & World History

Victor Vargas
Intro to Ethnic Studies


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