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Department Goals

By the end of the school year , students in the Math department will know and be able to…

Goal 1: Make sense of problems and use reasoning and literacy strategies to develop appropriate and logical methods for obtaining valid solutions to those problems. For example, students can use MLR6: Three Reads to support reading comprehension, sense-making, and meta-awareness of mathematical language.

Goal 2: Construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others in verbal and written form. For example, students can read peer work and evaluate their writing using student and teacher constructed rubrics.

Teachers 2022 – 2023

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Department Chairs:

Alison Hill 
Financial Algebra & Integrated Math II

Hunter Alzate
Integrated Math II , Statistics (AP)Discrete Math

Wendy-Rose Boatwright
Financial Algebra, Math Co-teach: Integrated Math I & Integrated Math II

Jaewon Lee 
Integrated Math II & Integrated Math III

Elizabeth Loaiza 
Integrated Math I, Integrated Math II & IM II Bilingual

Rebecca McKee
Integrated Math IIIIntegrated Math III Compacted/Pre-Calculus

Rosario Medina 
Integrated Math I, IM I Bilingual & Pre-Calculus

Harold Myers
AP Calculus (AB), Integrated Math I & II

Lizbeth Ornelas
Math IB SL & Integrated Math III

Alexandria Toscano
Math Co-teach: Integrated Math II & Integrated Math Fundamentals 9 & 10

Victor Vargas
Integrated Math I & IM I Bilingual

Roxana Vasquez
Math Co-teach: Integrated Math I & Integrated Math Fundamentals 9

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