Here’s a glimpse of what we offer:

Concert Band: This beginning/intermediate level class caters to 9th-grade band students exploring woodwind (flute, clarinet, saxophone) or brass (trumpet, french horn, trombone, tuba) instruments. It’s also perfect for newcomers keen on learning a new instrument. Join this non-audition group where everyone is welcome! This class must be taken alongside P7 Instrumental Ensemble or P7 P.E. Rhythm and Movement and is open to all grade levels.

Instrumental Ensemble: Exclusive to 7th period, this course is for students involved in the band or color guard programs. Dive into rehearsals during the school day, and engage in after-school activities like marching band drills and performances at various events, including football games, assemblies, and community outreach. Open to all grade levels.

P.E. Rhythm and Movement: Sophomores can opt for this P.E. credit band/color guard class. Students participate in band activities while completing the P.E. curriculum. Enrollment requires concurrent registration in a band class during regular periods 1-6.

Percussion Ensemble: Welcoming percussionists and color guard students of all levels, this class offers a dynamic space to hone skills and contribute to the band program’s rhythm section. Must be taken alongside P7 Instrumental Ensemble or P7 P.E. Rhythm and Movement. Open to all grade levels.

String Orchestra (Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced): Explore the enchanting world of string orchestras with instruments like violin, viola, cello, and double bass. All levels are welcome to join this inclusive ensemble. Open to all grade levels.

Wind Ensemble: For advanced wind instrument players seeking a challenge, Wind Ensemble offers an audition-only opportunity. Concurrent enrollment in P7 Instrumental Ensemble or P7 P.E. Rhythm and Movement is required. Open to all grade levels; speak with Ms. Betts for guidance on placement.

Unlock your musical potential and be part of the Trojan Band legacy, where every note resonates with passion and camaraderie

Band Director:

Katie Betts

Room 1204