Advanced Placement

Like many High Schools, CPH offers a variety of Advanced Placement (AP) classes. AP classes are college-level courses that culminate in an AP exam (typically in May). Students who take AP courses and exams can earn college credit, are more likely to graduate in four years, and stand out in the admission process and scholarship applications. More detailed information is presented at the College Board webpage Learn About Advanced Placement Program AP Exams and Courses.


CPH AP Exam Testing Schedule (2024)


CPH AP Classes 2023-24

Calculus AB
Teacher: Harold Meyers

Computer Science Principles
Teacher: Daniel Pearson

English Language and Composition
Teacher: Jerome Sandoval

English Literature and Composition
Teachers: Katie Nelson

Teacher: Kayla Mains

Spanish Language/Spanish Literature
Teacher: Gilberto Benitez

Teacher: Jaewon Lee

Studio Art
Teacher: Aimee Florence

US Government and Politics
Teacher: Casey Pakingan

US History
Teacher: William Sallans

World History
Teacher: Victor Moran