Academic Intervention

CPH Academic Interventions

Castle Park High has many academic interventions in place in order to support student success.   On block days, teachers use the last 20 minutes of class, called SMI time, to intervene with struggling students. This time can be used for re-teaching, working with small groups of students, and having students re-take tests or quizzes.

Another Intervention strategy used for academic support is both the After School tutoring (ASSETS) and Saturday School tutoring (Saturday Scholars) programs.  The ASSETS program (AKA CPH Team Voice) is open to all students for either academic support, or for enrichment in student activities after school.  The ASSETS program also includes meals to all students who participate in the program and stay after school. Students who are recommended for Saturday Scholars due to failing grades or attendance receive a slip with information on what class he/she needs to attend, as well as the student’s current attendance information.  Parents receive a phone call home informing them of the student’s assignment to Saturday Scholars, as well as the reason why the student was assigned.  If a student does not attend Saturday Scholars, the parent(s) receives a phone call from School Messenger informing the parent of the student’s absences, and also that the student should attend after school tutoring.  Saturday Scholars consists of subject-specific classes (English, math, etc.) being taught by a certificated teacher for 4 hours, from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM, with a 15 minute break from 10:00 to 10:15.  Our Saturday classes are open to all students who would like to improve their grades, or who need extra support in a specific subject.

Castle Park High also utilizes the Chula Vista Promise Neighborhood’s Academic Advisors, whom determines if a student can be placed on his/her caseload, and once the student is assigned, the Academic Advocate checks in periodically with the student and parent(s) to see about the student’s academic progress, as well as the student’s attendance. In order to support students struggling in the classroom due to behavior and/or academic issues, we have the Student Study Team (SST), consisting of the Assistant Principal in charge of attendance, the Attendance Coordinator, the counselors, the school nurse, the school Psychologist, and the English Learner Coordinator.

After School Tutoring

AKA CPH Team Voice or The ASSETS Program


Saturday Scholars

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