General School Info

School History

CPH was built in 1963 and the first class graduated in 1964.


Tommy Trojan and Helen of Troy

School Colors

Red, White, and Black

School Traditions

  • The Senior Walk and Senior Lawn are for Seniors only
  • Senior Yell: Seniors are the only class permitted to give a class yell at an assembly.
  • Seniors are dismissed first at all assemblies.
  • A Senior picnic is held at the end of the year for graduating seniors.
  • All students display the victory sign with the music of our fight song, Conquest, and the alma mater.
  • All students wear red on Fridays.
  • The school fight song and Conquest are played every Friday before school and over the PA system.
  • Classes are assigned seating at all assemblies.
  • After each athletic victory or department recognition, a victory flag is raised on the flagpole in the quad.
  • All students stand, displaying the victory sign, when any player is injured on the field or gym court.
  • The Academic Achievers’ Breakfast is hosted for all students who earn a 3.75 or better in scholarship. They are given an academic letter at the end of first semester.
  • Highest Honor: The “Noblest Trojan of Them All” is presented at the Senior Awards Assembly.

Excerpeted from Student Hanbook 2009-10

School Songs

Alma Mater

Fight Song

Hail the glorious days of ember,
May the Trojan courage ring.
Never ceasing to remember
How it echoes as we sing.
Alma Mater, praised with glory,
Lasting years you’ll always be,
As you tell our wondrous story,
Alma Mater praise to thee.-Cynthia Glorioso
Fight on for old C.P.
As we fight on to victory
Our Alma Mater dear,
Looks up to you,
Fight on and win for old C.P.
Fight on to victory,
Fight on.