SIA Student Completes Neuroscience Internship

SIA 2015 NeuroLab intern

SIA 2015 Neurocscience Intern

Congratulations to Castle Park High 11th grader Jennifer H. for successfully completing the NeuroLab Program at Coastal Marine BioLab in Ventura, California.

During her 10-day internship, Jennifer identified neurons as part of a $12 billion research program called the BRAIN Initiative. Jennifer did not just shadow scientists, she worked alongside them as they used chick embryos as the model organism.

Jennifer was one of only ten students chosen out of hundreds of nationwide high school and college applicants. She conducted laboratory work that drew upon advanced scientific concepts and innovative technologies.

Jennifer will be recognized for her contribution to the project by being named a coauthor in a science journal article and will be featured in a publicized interview in late August! Congratulations Jennifer!