Open House 2017-18

Castle Park Open House 2017-18

Hello Parents. This is a reminder about Open House at Castle Park High School. This year Open House will take place on Thursday August 17 at 5pm. We are inviting you to come pick up a copy of your student’s schedules in front of the student union at 5pm. We will also have food sales and entertainment as well. Ms. Mitrovich, our school principal, will begin the program at 5:00 with class visitations beginning at 6:05. You will have 10 minutes to listen to your student’s teachers in each class. Please don’t forget to sign in at your child’s classes. Plan on leaving your children at home as classrooms get crowded. Also, make an appointment with any teacher you’d like for a one-on-one conversation. Open House is for general information only. Thank you and see you on Thursday, August 17 at 5:00 p.m.


Ed Bajet
Assistant Principal Student Activities
Castle Park High School
Phone: (619) 585-2050