Oct 16 – PSAT & Triple Trojan Tournament

On October 16th, our 10th– and 11th-grade Trojans will join thousands of other students across the district and the world in taking the PSAT. While those classes will spend the morning in testing classrooms, remaining students will be experiencing the first-ever Triple Trojan Tournament: an assembly for freshman, seniors, and staff. Who will take home the Triple Trojan Tournament Trophy: 9th graders, 12th graders, or the teachers that serve them? We’ll have to wait until 10/16 to find out! 9th grade students will also attend an internet safety/vaping prevention presentation. Seniors will be informed of important dates and procedures before they head to the counseling center, where their counselors have arranged for representatives from SWC, SDSU, Military, and others to set up a table to discuss seniors’ options for life after high school. To accommodate the various PSAT/TTT day activities, the bell schedule for 10/16 has been modified. Seniors, Freshman, and Staff: good luck! 10th and 11th graders: we’ve arranged for you to take the PSAT free of charge, so get ready!