SDSU Champion Mechatronics Club to visit CPH – Oct 15

CPH is fortunate to be hosting a presentation by SDSU’s championship Mechatronics Team this Thursday, October 15 in Room 1301 after school. This is a student-led robotics and technology club that beat 37 international teams to capture first place in the 2015 competition.

The presentation isn’t just for techies because the SDSU team isn’t just for budding engineers and computer science majors – they also encourage business students to get involved and take control of their learning.

Four team members will be presenting including Austin Owens, founder and president (also son of CPH’s new ASSETS coordinator Michelle Owens).  Three of the four team members graduated from our district’s schools.

They will illustrate what can happen when an entrepreneurial spirit is applied to project-based learning.  You don’t want to miss this one!