Homecoming 2017

CPH Homecoming Week is October 16 – 21, 2017. This is the 54th Homecoming @ CPH.

Schedule for Homecoming Week            

Monday, October 16 – Formal Assembly – Kings vs. Queens (Dress to Impress)
Full Day 1-6 Assembly Schedule
Queen and King voting before school, NB and lunch

Tuesday, October 17 – Tweedledee vs. Tweedle 3 (Twins vs. Squad)
Block Schedule 1 3 5
Queen and King voting before school, NB and lunch

Wednesday, October 18 –  Sleeping Beauty vs. Cinderella (Pink vs. Blue)
Block Schedule 2 4 6
Queen and King voting before school, NB and lunch

Thursday, October 19 – Heroes vs. Villains
Full Day 1-6 Schedule
Queen and King voting before school, NB and lunch

Friday, October 20 – Pep Assembly – Mickey vs. Minnie (Trojan Day wear black and red)
Collaboration 1-6 Assembly Schedule
Alumni Cake and Punch Reception after assembly in Student Union
Senior Night
Homecoming Pre Game Activities 6:15 p.m.
Homecoming Football Game vs. San Ysidro 7 p.m.

Saturday, October 21 – Homecoming Dance @ Westin San Diego
7:00 – 11:00 pm

Article – HoCo 2017 Preview

By Daniel Ortega and Samantha Nakata – CPH yearbook staff

Castle Park High School is full of tradition, after all the school has been around for 53 years. One of the oldest schools in the district, allows CPH to have rich traditions, but with this also comes new generations of students who bring with them modern traditions. Homecoming week is something special we all enjoy, it’s a time for the thousands who have walked down the senior lawn to reflect on some of their best memories as a young student. This year the class of 2018 is getting ready to do the same; we are outta here in June! This years theme for the dance is “Once Upon a Time” so don’t forget your glass slippers (and no not the TV show, think more Disney with all its royalness). Homecoming 2K17 will be held in the center of Downtown San Diego at the Westin San Diego. With a view meant for royalty the princesses and princes will not be disappointed. The spirit week will start Kings Vs. Queens (formal dress) on Monday, Tweedle Dee Vs. Tweedle Three (twins Vs. squads), Sleeping Beauty Vs. Cinderella (breast cancer and anti-bullying awareness), Heroes Vs. Villains (self explanatory), and Mickey Vs. Minnie (black Vs. red) With that said the big question everyone is anticipating is who will be our homecoming King and Queen. Really, the whole top ten court are great examples of the awesome students who walk these halls every day. Here is a little something about each one of them because although we may think we know people, there is always something you don’t…

Eleazar Cruz :

  • Eleazar plays Football, Roller Hockey, and Baseball, and has over a 3.0 GPA. Something not everyone knows about him is his whole family basically attended CPHS. His brother is class of 09, sister class of 04, his mother is class of 88, and his dad class of 85. Tragically when he was 13 his father passed away of a heart attack but this is now one of his main motivations for his success.

Chris Arana :

  • Chris plays two sports Track and Field, and Football. He is a good student and is currently taking 3 AP classes. Some people think at first sight he might not look like the most approachable person but what you don’t know about Chris is he is really warm hearted, kind and has killer dance moves; he stays geekin.

David Sanchez :

  • David plays Soccer, Volleyball, and Football. He is also apart of of the Science Innovation Academy (SIA). He is the oldest out of his three siblings, he has two little brothers and a little sister. Some of you may not know that David loves to meet new people, make new friends, and is a very big superhero nerd. His favorite all time superhero is dressed all in black, wears a mask, from the one and only Gotham City; yes Batman.

Crystina Viramontes :

  • Crystina plays Softball, Soccer, and Field Hockey. We also know that she is small but mighty. What we may not know is that on the weekends she goes and plays softball with her dad and around the holiday season she goes and takes clothes to the homeless.

Franz Villanueva:

  • Franz does Wrestling, Swimming and he is our Tommy Trojan!  He is also the amazing voice behind the morning announcements. What you may not know about Franz is he loves to do outdoor water activities such as paddle boarding, surfing, and boogie boarding. Franz has learned that being part of a school and participating in activities always makes your time in high school more enjoyable.

Chantel Gonzalez :

  • Chantel is a cheerleader and the cheer captain. She plays Softball and is in ASB. What we don’t know is that she loves to go to the gym. This is where she’s able to take out all the stress of being a young adult in today’s world, plus it helps her stay in shape. Chantel will be the first generation in her family to go to college and she is proud of this.

Ruben Navarrete:

  • We all know that Ruben plays Football, Basketball, and Volleyball. Everyone calls him Chubbz rather than Ruben, because when he was a baby he was very very chubby. What you probably never knew about Chubbz is that he likes hanging out with his mom and helping her with whatever she needs. At heart he is a huge mamma’s boy because his mother has done so much for him and his family. He also works at El Pollo Loco so feel free to stop by and order a tostado bowl (no discounts).

Asia Blackwell:

  • Asia is a cheerleader and is in ASB as well as Dance Company. We all know that she likes to be referred to as Mrs. Bieber because one day she will marry Justin Bieber. People don’t know that she is the baby in the family and has three siblings. She loves Thanksgiving not only because of all the food but because her and her family go feed the homeless and this is a very humbling experience for her.

Karen Salazar:

  • Karen is in cheer and she loves pizza, dogs, eating, and sleeping (yes in that order). Something people don’t know about her is that she loves cooking. Her favorite dish to make is lasagna (with a lot of cheese please). She also donated her hair for the second time to cancer patients who lose theirs during this difficult time.

Helen Nava :

  • Most people know that Helen plays Soccer, likes participating in community service and is very outgoing. What you may not know about Helen is she loves to read and her favorite book is The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold. She also enjoys the beach because she can just be herself and relax.